About JITF

What is JITF

JITF is a multi-sectoral event where countries can display their industrial potential covering a large profile of products targeting the immense consumer potential of the Kingdom.

Who should attend?

The exhibition is an ideal platform for Saudi companies to meet the large number of international companies from various countries for mutual business arrangements.

Why should they attend?

JITF provides opportunities to Saudi companies to have agencies, distributorship and dealerships and joint venture arrangements with their international counterparts.

Exhibition Profile

  • Light Industries
  • Art Objects
  • Interiors & Furnishings
  • Textiles & Fabrics
  • Kitchens & Bathroom Equipment
  • Catering & Hotel Equipment
  • Swimming pools, Saunas & Jacuzzis
  • Home Commodities & Appliances
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Clothing & Leather Goods
  • Costume Jewelry & Fashion Accessories
  • Perfumes & Beauty Products
  • Watches & Clocks
  • Giftware & Premiums
  • Children Necessities & Toys
  • Landscaping & Outdoor Environments

Saudi Economy

Saudi Arabia has:

Largest economy in the GCC
Strong consumer base
Unique market conditions
  • Saudi Arabia is considered the largest economy in the Gulf region.
  • Saudi Arabia’s economic performance remains largely insulated from the recent decline in international oil prices.
  • Strong consumer base and growing retail needs.
  • Saudi Arabian consumers are becoming more and more well-informed and sophisticated (Typical consumer is young and high-spending).
  • The country has high per-capita income and a market-oriented economy.
  • Unique market conditions provide businessmen and developers in Saudi Arabia with the opportunity to deliver increasingly creative formats and entertainment to meet the needs of consumers.
All the above indicators prove that Saudi Arabia is the largest economy in the Gulf region and as the Kingdom is largely untapped by modern retail, it presents a lot of potential to become a dynamic market. A growth in consumer spending per capita has also created an environment, which has enabled well-known brands, hypermarket chains and large shopping centers to expand in the Kingdom.