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Anhui Import and Export Co., Ltd was founded in 1979 (predecessor: Import Company of Anhui Province). It's the first comprehensive foreign trade enterprise in Anhui and is one of the provincial companies which do direct import business in early period of the whole country managed by provincial government directly.In 1989, the company has been named as "the top 500 foreign trade" by the Ministry of foreign trade and Economic Cooperation, then Anhui Import and Export Co., Ltd. was set up in 1998 for System Reform. In 1999, the company passed ISO9001 quality system certification with the bank tax credit rating AAA.
In recent years, the annual volume has been ranking the forefront among the key provincial foreign trade enterprises. The total import and export volume reaches 150 million dollars at least every year. And the products spread different areas including sanitary products, sports products, bags, garments etc. In the fierce competition, the company explore new markets, new customers and new products continually.

For sanitary related products we bring to the exhibition this time, we offering diaper, sanitary napkin, its raw materials and its producing machinery. The diaper and sanitary napkin includes different sizes to satisfied the needs of both children, adult and female. The raw materials includes air-laid paper, SAP, non woven, hot melt glue, tissue paper, release paper, PE film, perforated film, spandex, magic hook, tape etc. For diaper producing machinery, the automatic and semi-automatic machinery can be offered to our client to producing different kinds of diaper or sanitary napkin.