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Ningbo YUANJI Vacuum Technology Co.,Ltd

Since its establishment in 2003, Ningbo Junying Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to the manufacture of various vacuum equipments based on the quality-oriented, customer-oriented business philosophy. It is a research and development, design, production, domestic and foreign trade and after-sales service. In one of the high-tech enterprises. Through years of production and manufacturing experience, the company has developed the most optimized production process and assembly process, ensuring that in the same situation, the processing speed is faster, the product quality is better, the production cost is more provincial, and it is favored by customers. The company's products mainly include: self-produced multi-arc ion coating machine, evaporation coating machine, magnetic control (medium frequency) sputter coating machine, optical coating machine, continuous magnetron sputtering coating production line, multi-mode MF magnetron sputtering multi-arc Composite ion coating machine and other series of vacuum coating equipment; there are also a series of special machines: stainless steel plate coating machine, large plate mirroring machine, tooling hard coating machine, lamp coating machine, bracelet coating machine; and low-emission coated glass, car ( High-end customers in the wheels, lamps, hardware, watches, lenses, molds, solar, semiconductor, optoelectronics, flat panel display, 3C products, decorations, ceramics, plastics, etc. have developed hundreds of different process solutions and coating equipment. Machine are sold well at home and abroad (Russia, India, Brazil, Turkey, Egypt, Mexico, etc.) Our aim is to win the reward with first-class quality and first-class service. It is the goal of Junying to truly meet the needs of customers. Because of concentration, so professional!