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Qingdao Baorun Steel Structure Engineering Co.,ltd.

BR-CS Surface Permanent Nano Ceramic Protective Paint Coating,Nano high temperature resistance Self cleaning coating ,Nano Marine anticorrosive coating1.Non-stick characteristics,food grade Coating;better than teflon coating, ptfe ;high temperature of 200-300℃ resistance;very well combined with Aluminum,iron pot ,stainless steel;Strong adhesion;with good Hardness+ super wear resistance;Electric rice cooker;Fry pan,high pressure cooker;2.Car body surface,Industrial fan, farm fan,Industrial cooling tower coating&Industrial colling tower parts heavy duty anticorrosion,central air-conditioning Nano coating,chilled water pipeline waterproof and anticorrosive,fan coil, aluminum fin inside combination air conditioner,air intake& air outlet Anti bacteria & antifouling,Vent pipe antimildew and dust proof,Glass curtain wall Nano coating protection,Anti-condensation of air source heat pump,anticorrosion&drag reduction,Power plant magnetic hoist,smelting furnace fan impeller,circulating pump pump body,other impellers,circulation pipe interior wall,Photovoltaic cellWear resistance and aging resistance/anticorrosion,Bullet train hand-sink marble surface,Marine buoy Wear resistance and aging resistance/anticorrosion,road bridge,bridge guardrail,Industrial fan/air conditioning system,car chassiss ,Hydrophobic& anti-corrosion;Furniture and high grade furniture,Making urban sculpture ; public sculpture,all kinds of flooring Hydrophobic &clean;kitchen and bath whole coating;Water treatment equipment-food grade coating,Hull bottom antifoulding;THERMOPLASTIC ROAD MARK PAINT LUMINESCENT(Road zebra crossing film);metal base surface protection of Highway isolation belt ,overpass handrail,road light pole,road signs ;wooden base surface protection of Wooden boardwalk,park corridor.