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Shandong Daiyin Textile Group Share Co.,Ltd

Located at the foot of the world-renowned Mountain Tai, Shandong Daiyin Textile Share Group is a large comprehensive enterprise integrating textile , garment ,import & export trade, transnational production and operation. It has more than 10 branches in China like Renoir Apparel Company, Daiyin Import & Export Company and Jinhui Clothing Company.Renoir Apparel has established design and R&D centers in Paris, Milan Italy, Shanghai and Guangzhou to create a high-end business apparel brand with unique design styles. "Renoir" advocates high-quality dressing, and develops more than 1,000 product categories every year. Now Renoir Apparel has launched serial products including suits, business wears, work wears, business casual wears, trousers, shirts, T-shirts, sweaters, jackets, coats, cotton clothes, etc .Renoir products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions .The business wear customization division of Renoir Apparel has established business relations with many domestic and foreign large enterprises and institutions such as Air Canada, Alaska Airlines, Siemens, China Construction Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Post, and China Railway.