Stand Packages

Steps to be taken

There are three step that you have to follow in order to get the desired stand package.

Indicate the dimensions and area in m² of the stand, also whether space or shell scheme is required using the stand booking form. Stands will be allocated by the organiser based on size.
A contract will be issued for signature and an invoice will be sent for payment. An exhibitor manual will be forwarded to you, the exhibitor for completion of the forms within the manual regarding all other services available to you.
Exhibitors taking part through group participation, organised by official bodies or through exhibition sales agents will need to implement the above procedures directly with those parties.

Shell Scheme

The shell scheme provides you with a basic stand shell construction suitable for
customising to your individual
requirements, in a wide variety of sizes, with rear and dividing walls.

The standard minimum module of 9m² is equipped with:

  • Fascia board bearing your company name and stand no.
  • carpeting
  •  3 spotlights (1 light per 3 m²)
  • 1 electrical socket (110/220v  60hz)